Our Story

3rd Street was founded in 2005 as a true community collaboration to fill a critical gap in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. The youth we serve are burdened by challenges to their physical and mental health that most youth never face. The mission of 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic is to help youth from Bayview Hunters Point make healthy and safe decisions that improve their physical, emotional, and social health, empowering them to become successful, engaged adults. Each year we contribute to the physical and emotional health and well-being of 1,000 teens and young adults.

Our Model

Every young person can be healthy, but some need a hand.
We believe healthy youth build healthy lives. We invest in the healthy neighborhoods of the future by helping young people enter adulthood as their best selves. We help young people get healthy in their bodies, minds and spirits and learn to value and maintain good health into adulthood. We see youth from ages 12-24, from early adolescence to early adulthood. We offer an array of services to fit their needs at each stage and help move them forward to their best future.

Theory of Change

Medical Care: 3rd St has always included a primary care adolescent medical care site with an emphasis on sexual health and contraception. The clinic initially operated 4 hours per week on one afternoon. That has slowly increased in the first five years to the current model of 20 hours per week, including all weekday afternoons. The medical services are offered to anyone between the ages of 12 to 24 years old and may youth seeks services for years until they reach the maximum age. The services are paid for through reimbursement from the California State Office of Family Planning through the Family PACT program, and through Medicaid reimbursement. The clinic staff includes both San Francisco Department of Public Health clinicians and support staff paid through private and public grants. The clinic operates at the 3rd St Youth Center & Clinic site that is supported through both public and private grants.

Mental Health Care: 3rd St has had a therapist on staff continuously since 2007, our second year of operation. The position was initially foundation funded but has been supported by the San Francisco Department of Public Health for the last 3-4 years. The therapist sees patients within the same age group as our other services, ages 12-24 years old. In addition to individual therapy on site, we also offer family therapy on site, and individual and group therapy at several local schools.

Youth Development: This component is the most versatile. We offer programming that is meant to improve emotional, social and physical health and promote healthy living. We do this primarily through ongoing classes, summer programs, a peer-educator training program and health-related events. In the past 10 years that has included a variety of expressive arts classes (eg. Graffiti art, dance, music), recreational/exercise groups (yoga, boot camp, martial arts), and support groups (young mothers, young women, “fellas”). Classes have primarily been taught on-site while groups and events have occurred on-site, at schools, or in other community settings.

Research and Educaton: In addition to our direct service to youth, we also have a goal of helping to educate the community about the health problems facing these youth. We do that through educational events for other youth agencies and parents. We share relevant research and best-practices, eg. Contraceptive updates or trauma training. We also share the data we’ve collected on the health behaviors and needs of local youth who use the clinic. Some of this research has been formalized though partnerships with university-based researchers.

Meet The Team