Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you passionate about the issues that face your community? Are you interested in gaining more knowledge and skills to promote changes within your environment?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the 3rd Street’s Youth Advisory Board is for you!

The Youth Advisory Board is the 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic’s core youth group. Members of the board, who are 13 to 17 years old, apply to be part of the group every semester through an application and interview. There are roughly ten youth on the board each semester. The main goal of the group is leadership — the youth take a leading role in the youth programming at the center, the Youth Summit, and giving a youth perspective to the center.

Image of youth at a table.

Firstly, the members help come up with ideas for programming and for classes they want to take. They also lead with programs by participating in and facilitating classes, such as cooking, poetry, and video. A second core part of the YAB’s work is the Youth Summit, which is a youth-centered health event that happens every year in Bayview Hunters Point. The event is a collaboration between the 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic, BMagic, College Track, and the Community Youth Center. The last part of what the YAB does is general support and help — this could be anything from greeting and hosting people, to helping out with set-up for classes, to doing outreach.

Youth who participate in the YAB are able to earn stipends for their participation, while gaining important workplace skills.