Keys to the Future is a campaign to help the young and unhoused people of Bayview Hunters Point attain affordable housing. Before youth can live up to their immense potential, they need a place to call home. With your help, we can make that possible.

Did you know?

  • More than a third of all unhoused youth are Black.
  • A third of all unhoused youth say they became homeless at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Nearly 14% of all unhoused youth in San Francisco live in Bayview Hunters Point.
  • 160 youth live on the streets in Bayview Hunters Point and nearly 10x that many, or 1600 youth, are sleeping in their cars or couch surfing from one night to the next because they don’t have their own homes.
  • The #1 reason youth give for their homelessness is high monthly rents and move-in deposits.

Youth Homelessness is possible to solve–3rd Street is doing it and so can you.

3rd Street has helped more than 600 youth get off the streets and into homes and shelters. With your Keys to the Future donation, we can help 600 more. In our unique response to youth homelessness, we strive to address any barrier that stands in the way of a young person finally getting a key to their own apartment.

One young woman, Aquila, found her permanent home while she stayed at 3rd Street’s LowerPolk TAY Navigation Center. We were able to help her look for places to live while she built her economic stability through employment and dealt with her past traumas with one of our therapists. She said this about our work with her:

Never did I imagine that I, of all people, would be able to have my own place, somewhere I can call home. I’ve never had that before and it was a dream come true. Even now, after two years of no longer being in the shelter, I feel so blessed I still cry sometimes. I never thought that my situation would get better from me living on the streets to now getting off of work and coming home to my house. It’s really so wonderful and I really give all thanks to everyone that helped me along the way.

Donate today to help us unlock the potential for hundreds more like Aquila. Your contribution will go toward lowering the skyrocketing rents and move-in costs that have locked young people out of housing. We believe that our young people are the keys to a happy and healthy future for us all. Your gift can help unlock the potential of these resilient and strong youth so that they can grow up to be our neighbors, our colleagues, and our community’s leaders.